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My Rules:

1. The most important rule: Don't rip me off !

2. I trade DVD for DVD, not show for show

3. I Prefer ONLY MARK DVD labels (Verbatim - my favourited mark, Imation, TDK, Sony..), no shits DVDs !

4. Don’t write on the DVDs.

5. Only 1 DVD to 1 paper sleeve.

6. I don't sell bootlegs.

7. Please test the discs before sending me, be sure that all the DVDs play at a DVD Player.

8. If you contact me, you send first. If we have already traded, we'll send at the same time.

9. When U send/receive package, inform me about it, I will do it too.

10. If will be trade without problems I put U to good trader list, will be fine when U do the same.

When you contacted me I supose you have read and agreed every rule.

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